Pakistan national bird?

Chukar partridge is the national bird of Pakistan. Where its name is derived from chakorin Sanskrit? Literary mentions of it in the northern areas of the Indian subcontinent date back to the Rig Veda.

What Is The National Bird of Pakistan?

Chukar Partridge Is The National Bird of Pakistan. It has Family of Phasianidae that lives in semi-arid and Rocky Areas of the Balkans, Alps, Italian peninsula and Sicily and Pakistan. Much Appreciated for its Meat, hunting is Considered a sport and there Are Dogs Specialized for it

What is the National Bird of Pakistan?

The national bird of Pakistan is Chukar partridge. They are commonly known as Chakor and it is a Eurasian upland game bird in the pheasant family Phasianidae. Pakistan‘s national bird, Chukar partridge has middle size like 32-35cm range. The Chukar partridge cannot fly in a long distance. It is mostly related and similar to its western equivalent; the round shape...