Monthly Archives: November 2017

National Bird of Angola

The national bird of Angola is Red-crested turaco. And there are little bit species of birds to discover and have some later discovered. Red-crested turaco is one of them. Angola‘s national bird, Red-crested turacos are so much unique that if you stirred a glass of water with a red turaco feather, the water would turn...

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National Bird of Algeria

The national bird of Algeria is Chicken. They are very common and domestic bird and seen almost everywhere around us. They are very common in our food also. Algeria’s national bird, Chicken is a very peaceful, domestic shy in nature. They are well-known for their taste and most of them live with the human. The...

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National Bird of Albania

The national bird of Albania is Eagle. Their flames are commonly known as the king of all the bird in the world. Albania’s national bird, Eagle is known as the largest prey of all bird species. They are well-known for their speed and royal lifestyle. Not only Albania, the eagle is the national bird for...

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