11 Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit in Luxembourg

Small but mighty Luxembourg has only half a million people but one of the world’s most developed economy. Visitors will find best tourist attraction places to visit in Luxembourg like prominent UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Luxembourg City – the Fortress of Luxembourg City, the Old Town, and the Bock Casemates, a network of underground galleries.

There are stunning natural regions like the Mullerthal region, known for lush forests, sparkling brooks, and rugged rock formations; the Moselle region, defined by its vineyards and famous Wine Route; and the Ardennes Mountains with natural reserves and alpine lakes.

1. The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

There’s no better place to begin exploring beautiful Luxembourg City than in its historic Old Quarter. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, the city’s ancient fortifications made it one of the most important of Europe’s cities. The fortress was so impregnable, it was dubbed the “Gibraltar of the North,” and although the original fortress was dismantled between 1867 and 1883, its impact upon the Old Quarter is evident everywhere.

2. Town of Vianden

Also on the German border is Vianden, a quaint and hilly town on the River Our.  The two most striking features of the town are its old-world charm and Vianden Castle which stands high above the river. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, the castle was a prominent home for Luxembourg royalty for hundreds of years before falling into ruin for almost as long.

3. Larochette Castle

The ruins of Larochette Castle are situated atop a sandstone promontory almost 500 feet above the White Ernz, a river that flows into the River Sure. Visitors can gain access into the castle through a large outer wall protected by a mound.

4. Grand Ducal Palace

This is one of the most important landmarks of the city and a must visit place. This beautiful renaissance building was erected back in 1572 which served as the official residence of Grand Duke Henri, the country’s reigning monarch. This still happens to be the full-time place of the Duke.

5. The Walls of the Corniche

This is considered to be the most beautiful balcony in Europe. Here you will get to witness the Gate of the Grund which dates back to 1632. This place is a home to numerous aristocratic refuges and houses and also the St. Michael’s church and Dominicans. You can also find clusters of buildings in the suburb of Grund. The place is rich in history. This is a perfect spot to explore when you are out with your family in the city.

6. Grevenmacher

Grevenmacher is a small medieval town in Luxembourg near Germany’s border; it’s situated on the Moselle River’s left bank in the vineyards region. The tiny town provides visitors with an old world charm in its pedestrian zone where small streets lead the way to the various medieval fortifications such as a belfry from the 13th century.

7. Wiltz

Wiltz is nestled along the banks of the Wiltz River in the heart of the Ardennes Mountains. The upper-town is where visitors will find the 16th-century Wiltz Castle. It hosts both the National Museum of Brewing that traces 6,000 years of beer production and the Tanning Museum with exhibitions of items from the town’s former 28 tanneries.

8. Berdorf

Sitting in the heart of the Mullerthal region, Berdorf is one of the top places to visit in Luxembourg. The astounding rocky landscapes and the verdant greenery makes it a great escape for the outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the numerous hiking and biking trails and various vantage points from where you can soak in the beautiful panoramas.

9. Upper Sure National Park

Upper Sure National Park is located in northwestern Luxembourg. The dam and resulting reservoir, Obersee Lake, are the highlights of the park. Besides the river and lake, other natural elements include wet meadows, wooded slopes, deep valleys, and an agricultural plateau.

10. Leudelange

Leudelange is in the city of Luxembourg’s green belt amidst nature reserves and forests. From the town’s center, visitors can hike and bike along paths that crisscross the hilly countryside. Circular Walk is an easy 5.3-km hike that passes through the village past the church toward Leideléngerbesch, and goes through forests and fields.

11. The Schiessentümpel waterfall

The Schiessentümpel waterfall is located in the Mullerthall region of Luxembourg, which is south of Echternach. It is a very wooded, hilly region with plenty of great hiking . The waterfall is a popular attraction because of its picturesque stone bridge and large boulders. It is just a short walk from either the tourist center in town (1km) or from a larger parking area along the main road (500m).

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