Map of Elgin City | Political, Geography And Road Map

Elgin is a city in Cook and Kane counties in the northern part of Illinois, United States. Elgin is located 35 miles northwest of Chicago, along the Fox River. As of the 2020 Census, the city had a population of 114,797, the sixth-largest city in Illinois.

Political System

Elgin has a council-manager form of government. The city council is composed of eight at-large members and a mayor, who are all elected to four-year terms. The city manager is appointed by the city council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city.

Geography and Climate

Elgin is located in the Fox River Valley, a region of rolling hills and farmland. The city is bordered by the Fox River to the west and the Elgin River to the east. Elgin has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The average temperature in January is 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degree Celsius), and the average temperature in July is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius).

Tourist Attractions

Elgin is home to a number of tourist attractions, including:

Major Transport Mode

The major mode of transportation in Elgin is the car. However, the city also has a public transportation system, Pace Suburban Bus. Elgin is also served by Greyhound and Burlington Trailways buses.

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