Map of Richmond City | Political, Blank, Geography And Road Map

Richmond is the capital city of the United States Commonwealth of Virginia. It is situated in the state’s central region. It is the 5th largest city in Virginia and the 102nd largest city in the United States, with a population of 233,330 in 2023. Richmond is located on the James River and serves as a major transportation, commercial, and government hub.

Political Map of Richmond City

Richmond is the state capital and the seat of government for Virginia. The mayor and city council are in charge of setting policies, managing city services, and making decisions on behalf of the city’s residents.

Geography Map of Richmond City

Richmond is located on the banks of the James River in east central Virginia. The city has a total area of about 62 square miles and is located at the fall line, which separates Virginia’s coastal plain from the Piedmont region.

Transport Map of Richmond City

Richmond has an efficient transportation system that includes several major highways, an airport, and a shipping and commerce port. Interstate 64, which runs east-west through the city, and Interstate 95, which runs north-south through the city, serve the city. Furthermore, both US Highway 1 and US Highway 301 pass through the city.

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