Map of San Juan City | Political, Blank, Geography And Road Map

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is the second oldest European capital in America. It is one of the Caribbean’s best and largest natural harbors. With a population of 342,259 as of the 2020 census, it is the 57th-largest city under the jurisdiction of the United States. San Juan was founded in 1521 by Spanish colonists under the name Ciudad de Puerto Rico.

Facts About San Juan

Country USA
State Puerto Rico
Founded 1509 {Named for John the Baptist}
Area 199.2 km2
Population 342,259
Lat Long Coordinates 18°27′00″N66°04′00″W
Time Zone UTC–4
Area Code 787, 939
Language Spanish, English
Major Religion Christians

Political Map of San Juan

San Juan is the most populous municipality, main port, and capital of Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island. San Juan is located on the Atlantic coast in the northeastern part of the island at San Juan Bay. San Juan is Puerto Rico’s main seaport as well as the island’s financial, cultural, and tourism hub.

Blank Map of San Juan

San Juan is full of heritage sites, museums, beach fronts, and other beautiful places which attract tourists to this port city. One of the city’s main tourist attractions is Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan) on the Isleta de San Juan.

Geography Map of San Juan

San Juan is located on the southeast coast of the island of Puerto Rico, on the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a total area of 76.93 square miles (199.2 km2), 29.11 square miles (75.4 km2) (37.83%) of which is water. The city’s two natural lagoons are Condado and San José. It is divided into three major areas: Old San Juan, the Beach, and the Resort.

Road Map of San Juan

The Luis Muoz Marn International Airport and the Fernando Ribas Dominicci Airport serve San Juan. San Juan is Puerto Rico’s main seaport, as well as one of the busiest in the Caribbean and Latin America. San Juan has the highest vehicle density of any city in the world, with 4,300 vehicles per paved mile.

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