Map of Shreveport City | Political, Blank, Geography And Road Map

Shreveport is a city located in the northwestern part of the state of Louisiana, in the United States. With a 2023 population of 177,562, it is the 3rd largest city in Louisiana and the 148th-largest city in the United States. Shreveport is the parish seat of Caddo Parish.

Political Map of Shreveport City

Shreveport has a mayor-council form of government. The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city, and the city council is the legislative body. The council is composed of seven members who are elected by district.

Geography Map of Shreveport City

Shreveport is located on the Red River, which separates Louisiana from Texas. The city is situated in the Piney Woods region of Louisiana and has an elevation of approximately 144 feet above sea level. Shreveport is also located at the intersection of two major highways, I-20 and I-49.

Road Map of Shreveport City

Shreveport has a well-developed road system. The city is served by two major interstate highways, I-20 and I-49, which intersect in the city. Other major highways that serve the city include US Highway 71, US Highway 80, and Louisiana Highway 1. Shreveport is also home to the Shreveport Regional Airport, which provides air transportation to the region.

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