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There are only four countries are in the list of countries with R. You can easily memorize and remember these countries that start with R. All those countries starting with R are well known for their economics, ethnic groups, historical background, environments, culture and also the government systems.The below list of countries that start with Prepresentseach of these country’s capital city, land area and population.

The total land area of all those countries that start with Ris 16,634,210Km² and present population is 176,929,746. Russia is the world’s largest country by area that covering over one-eighth of the Earth’s populated land area.

Alphabetical list of countries that starting with R
Country Name Capital City Population
Land Area
1 Russia Moscow 143,989,754 16,376,870 9
2 Romania Bucharest 19,679,306 230,170 85
3 Rwanda Kigali 12,208,407 24,670 495
4 Réunion Saint-Denis 876,562 2,500 351
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