National Flag Of Afghanistan

The National Flag Of Afghanistan Was Officially Adopted on January 4, 2004. The Current Flag Of Afghanistan has been used since 2004 when the Taliban government was removed. Since gaining independence in 1919, the flag has undergone many changes in relation to political events. The current form of the Afghanistan National Flag is inspired by the flag that was used during the monarchy and differ only in the national emblem in the middle of the flag.


Meaning And Color Of The Flag

The Current Flag Of Afghanistan Consists of three equal vertical bands of Black, Red, and Green. The black color represents the dark past when its foreign policy was under the control of the British Empire. The red color represents the blood shed for independence, and the Green color represents hope and a prosperous Islamic future. The tricolor of Afghanistan National Flag was supposedly inspired by the Afghan King, Amanullah Khan when visiting Europe with his wife in 1928. The original horizontal tricolor design was based on that of the flag of Germany. In the center of the National Flag Of Afghanistan is an emblem which consists of a masjid with a flag on each side. The year 1298 (1919 in Gregorian calendar) is written on a scroll.

The year 1919 is when Afghanistan obtained control over its foreign affairs from the British Empire. Underneath the date is the Name “Afghanistan” Written. The central image of the Flag Of Afghanistan is circled by sheaves of wheat, representing fertility. Wheat is very important in Aryan culture. People of  Afghanistan Believed that Yama, the first Aryan king, and Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of modern Afghanistan, both used crowns made from wheat in their coronations. On the top of the emblem is the phrase “Allahu Akbar” in Arabic (God is Great), and slightly above that are rays of sun leading up to the Islamic Declaration of Faith or “Shahada” (in Arabic): “There is no deity but God, and Mohammad is the messenger of God”.



Some Information About Flag:


In Which Year the National Flag Was Adopted?

Ans: On January 4, 2004


What Are The Colours of The Flag?

Ans: Flag of Afghanistan Consists Of Black, Red, Green, White.


What Do the Colours of the Flag Means?

Ans:  Black: The Dark Past when its foreign policy was under the control of the British Empire.  

         Red: Represents the bloodshed for independence

         Green: Represents hope and a prosperous Islamic future.


Who is the Designer of the Flag?

Ans: Unknown

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