National Flag Of Argentina

The National Flag Of Argentina was adopted on February 27, 1812. The Flag Of Argentina was created by Manuel Belgrano, in line with the recent creation of the Cockade of Argentina. During the Argentine War of Independence, The Flag was first raised in the city of Rosario on February 27, 1812. The current version of the flag was standardized in 2012. The Argentina National Flag is a triband, composed of three equally wide horizontal bands colored light blue and white. There are many interpretations of the reasons for those colors.


Argentina Flag Meaning

The National Flag Of Argentina boasts what appears to be a pretty simple design. However, this design has much symbolism and significance behind it. The Argentina Flag features a triband in blue and white. The blue and white colors of the Argentina Flag were selected by Designer Manual Belgrano, who led the revolution against Spain. These colors are meant to symbolize the blue sky opening up to reveal a white cloud. This was said to have occurred during the Liberation demonstration in 1810. The Argentina National Flag also features the “Sun of May” which was later added to the original design. This is a golden sun emblem that Diego Abad de Santillan, a historian, says represents the Inca sun god Inti.


Argentinian Flag and Mythology: The Inti God

The Argentina National Flag is one of the country’s icons. With a tradition of over 200 years, it shares some symbols with other South American countries. The main one is the Inca god Inti found in its center. It is the Sun of May, which also appears on the Uruguayan flag. Representing the Inca god Inti (a solar divinity), it reminds us of the origins of the Argentinian people. All the peoples from the Andes share a reference to this deity. The solar disc representing the sun has a human face and is surrounded by 32 rays, alternating straight, and curved shapes. In Incan mythology, the sun descended from the sky into the ocean every night. A male figure, it was Pachamama’s (Mother Earth) husband, though sometimes the Moon Goddess, Mama Quilla, was also considered his wife and/or sister.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year the National Flag Was Adopted?

Ans: On February 27, 1812.

What Are The Colours of The Flag?

Ans: National Flag Of Argentina Consists Of Blue, Gold, White.

What Do the Colours of the Flag Means?

Ans: These colors are meant to symbolize the blue sky opening up to reveal a white cloud.

Who is the Designer of the Flag?

Ans: Manuel Belgrano

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