National Flag Of Venezuela

The Current Eight Stars Flag Of Venezuela was Officially Adopted On March 12, 2006. The flag consists of a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue, and red. The colors are taken from the flag of the former federation Gran Colombia, whose member was Venezuela along with Colombia and Ecuador. Unlike the other former members, the width of stripes on Venezuela National Flag is equal.

In the middle of the blue band, an arc composed of eight five-pointed stars is located and the upper part in the left side of the flag bears a coat of arms (in case of the national flag). The stars on the National Flag Of Venezuela represent the seven Venezuelan provinces, which signed an agreement with the dissolution of Gran Colombia.

The eighth star, which was added on the Venezuela flag in 2006, is supposed to represent province Esequiba, which is located in the territory of Guyana and which Venezuela is claiming. The yellow color on the flag is used to represent the wealth of the soil, the nation’s riches, agriculture, and the traits of harmony and justice. The color blue was used to represent courage and the Red symbolizes the nation’s independence from Spain.

In addition to these colors, the Venezuela National Flag also features white stars that symbolize the signers of the Venezuelan declaration of independence. The flag is a variant of that designed by Francisco de Miranda for his 1806 expedition to liberate Venezuela. This Flag Of Venezuela was also the inspiration for Colombia and Ecuador’s flags.


History of the Flag

The current design of the National Flag Of Venezuela is based on the design by Francisco de Miranda. The original flag featuring horizontal bands of yellow, blue and red. The flags of Ecuador and Colombia are also based on this flag.

It was during the 19th century when the seven stars were added to the Flag Of Venezuela. The design of the flag that is very similar to the one today was first used in 1930. The one difference was that this flag featured just seven starts. It was in 2006 when it was determined that an eighth star would be used to represent the Guayana Province.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag Was Adopted?
Ans: On March 12, 2006

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: yellow, blue, and red, white

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Francisco de Miranda

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