National Flag Of Venezuela

The Current Flag Of Venezuela was Officially Adopted On March 12, 2006. The basic design of the flag includes a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue, and red is based on the flag introduced in 1811. The Venezuelan independence leader Francisco de Miranda designed the basic tricolor National Flag Of Venezuela in 1806.

The flag underwent some minor changes in 2006. The Updated Flag was introduced On March 7, 2006. First, An eighth star was added to the existing seven on the Venezuela National Flag to fulfill the wish of national hero Simón Bolívar. The details of the emblem were modified, and the name of the country was altered to “República Bolivariana de Venezuela” (“Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”).


Design And Meaning Of The Flag

The Flag Of Venezuela is a yellow, blue, and red horizontal tricolor with eight white stars in a semicircle in the center and the coat of arms on the yellow stripe on the hoist side. The colors of the flag represent the nation’s independence, courage, and the wealth and riches of the country. The color yellow on the National Flag Of Venezuela is interpreted as standing for the riches of the land and red for the bloodshed in attaining independence.

The blue color represents the Sea of the Caribbean that surrounds the country and it also stands for the courage of its people. The seven stars on the original Venezuela National Flag represented the seven provinces in Venezuela that united in the war of independence. The eighth star, the “Bolívar Star,” was added in 2006 to honor Simón Bolívar And It Also represents the Guyana Province.


Venezuela Coat of Arms

The shield is divided into the colors of the National Flag Of Venezuela. The red color displays wheat, which represents the union of the 20 States of the Republic existing at the time, and the wealth of the Nation. The Yellow color depicts weapons (a sword, a saber, and three lances) and two National Flags, which are tied by a branch of laurel, as a symbol of triumph in war. The blue shows a wild white horse running free, an emblem of independence and freedom.

Above the shield are two crossed cornucopias (horns of plenty), pouring out wealth. The shield is flanked by an olive branch and another of palm, both tied at the bottom of the coat with a large band that represents the national tricolor (yellow for the nation’s wealth, blue for the ocean separating Venezuela from Spain, and red for the blood and courage of the people).


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag Is Adopted?
Ans: On March 12, 2006

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Yellow, Blue, Red, White

What Do The Colours of The Flag Means?
Ans: The colors of the flag represent the nation’s independence, courage, and the wealth and riches of the country.

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Francisco de Miranda

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