Google Top Trending Fashion Searches In The United States

When people hear the word “fashion,” something very specific comes to their mind like runways, models, expensive clothes, superficial attitudes, and consumerism. No wonder so many people sneer at the industry. But fashion is a much broader concept than that, encapsulating who we are on an everyday level, and how we project that through our clothes. What we wear is who we are—and it’s quite personal.

Google released its list of Top Trending Fashion Searches In the United States, and according to the search giant, people in the U.S. couldn’t get enough of the 1980s fashion.

Trending Fashion Searches List In The United States


1) Camp style

2) Egirl style

3) Eboy style

4) Steampunk style

5) Harajuku style

6) Preppy style

7) Yankii style

8) Vintage style

9) VSCO girl style

10) Emo style


1) 1980s fashion

2) Grunge style

3) 1990s fashion

4) 2000s fashion

5) Meghan Markle

6) Men’s Fashion

7) Harajuku fashion

8) Hipster style

9) Kate Middleton

10) 80s mens fashion

“1980s fashion” was the top fashion search of the year in the U.S., while “’80s mens fashion” came in at No. 10. Interestingly, the No. 2 result was “grunge style,” which just shows us that old trends never die.

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