Airport Map Of Bangladesh | Map Of Airport

An airport is where all airplanes land, take off in the sky and reside when they’re not flying. An airport is made up of multiple buildings each serving a specific purpose, including terminals, gates, and hangars; some even have control towers. Airports also have special roads called runways, where airplanes take off and land.

An International Airport is an airport of entry and departure for international air traffic, where the formalities incident to customs, immigration, public health, animal and plant quarantine, and similar procedures are arrived out.

There are 8 airports in Bangladesh with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Bangladesh is Dhaka (DAC) / Shahjalal International Airport with flights to 32 destinations in 16 countries.


List of International Airports

Airport Name Location
Shah Amanat International Airport Chittagong, Chittagong
Shahjalal International Airport Dhaka, Dhaka
Osmani International Airport Sylhet, Sylhet

List of Domestic Airports

Airport Name Location
Khan Jahan Ali Airport (under construction) Bagerhat, Khulna
Barisal Airport Barisal, Barisal
Cox’s Bazar Airport Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong
Ishwardi Airport Ishwardi (Ishurdi), Rajshahi
Jessore Airport Jessore, Khulna
Shah Makhdum Airport Rajshahi, Rajshahi
Saidpur Airport Saidpur, Rangpur
Tejgaon Airport Tejgaon, Dhaka
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