Railway Map Of Bangladesh | Bangladesh Railway Route Map

Rail Transport is a means of transferring passengers and goods on wheeled vehicles running on rails, which are located on tracks. It is one of the most important, commonly used systems. It is also a very cost-effective mode of commuting and goods carriage over long, as well as, short distances.

Bangladesh Railway map will help you to be clear about the Bangladesh Railway stations. If you have a clear idea about the train road map, that will be very effective for you with your journey. Here you will get detailed information about the BD train map.

Bangladesh Railway at a Glance

Total Length Railway Line (km) 2,877.10 Total stations 460
Broad Gauge (km) 659.33 Total locomotives 286
Meter Gauge (km) 1,808.05 Total  coaches 1507
Dual Gauge (km) 409.72 Total wagons 10,226
Railway Bridges 3650 Mail, Express, Commuter &  Demu 132
Track Kilometres 4,093.15 Intercity trains 86
Number of passenger trains daily 341 Maitree Express (Dhaka-Kolkata) and Bondhon Express (Khulna-Kolkata) 05
Number of freight trains daily 37 Local mixed 126
Yearly operating revenue (million BDT) 11,000 Approved Manpower 40,264
Yearly Passengers carried (millions) 70 Yearly Passenger-Kilometres (million) 9,000

Bangladesh Railway

Details About BD Railway

The Bangladesh Railway system has a total length of 2,855 route km. In 2009, Bangladesh Railway had 34,168 employees.  In 2014, Bangladesh Railway carried 65 million passengers and 2.52 million tonnes of freight. The railway made 8,135 million passenger kilometers and 677 million tonne-kilometers.

Bangladesh Railway has three main passenger classes, “Air-conditioned”, “First” and “Second”. Most trains do not provide the “Air-conditioned” class. AC Class is divided into three sub-classes: AC Berth, AC Seat, and AC Chair. Like AC Class, First Class is divided into three sub-class: First Berth, First Seat, and First Chair. The Second class is divided into three sub-class: Non AC Chair (Shovan Chair | শোভন চেয়ার), Shovan (শোভন), and Shulov (সুলভ).

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