Road Map of Qatar | Qatar Highways Map

Qatar is a country located in the Middle East and it is a nation that is rich in oil. Doha is the capital city of Qatar. Qatar is the nation whose GDP per capita ranks second in the world. Over the last few years, the country has been growing at a very fast rate and in the year 2008, it reported a budget surplus for the eighth consecutive year. Driving is the primary mode of transport in Qatar. For this reason, the Road Map of Qatar is a major focus of the plan of Government.

There are some Project highlights in this segment including the multibillion-dollar Doha Expressway and the Qatar Bahrain Causeway, which will connect Qatar to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and is considered a milestone in regional interconnectivity. Most of the main roads in this tiny country have been updated to multilane, double carriageway motorways.


Major Highways  of Qatar

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