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A Time Zone Map is ideally one of 24 spherical lunes (section on the globe in a north/south direction) with equal width, each assigned with one of the 24 hours (one day). Time Zone Map of the USA Is Divided into Nine Standard Time Zones.

From east to west they are Atlantic Standard Time (AST), Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), Mountain Standard Time (MST), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Alaskan Standard Time (AKST), Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST), Samoa standard time (UTC-11) and Chamorro Standard Time (UTC+10). View Different Time Zone Map And boundaries.

The Different US Time Zone Map and DST observance are regulated by the Department of Transportation.

Large US Time Zone Map

US Time Zone List


Time Zone Abbreviation & Name

Example City
UTC -10 HST Hawaii Standard Time Honolulu
UTC -8 AKDT Alaska Daylight Time Anchorage
UTC -7 PDT Pacific Daylight Time Los Angeles
MST Mountain Standard Time Phoenix
UTC -6 MDT Mountain Daylight Time Salt Lake City
UTC -5 CDT Central Daylight Time Chicago
UTC -4 EDT Eastern Daylight Time New York
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