US River Flows Map | Streams and Rivers in the US

The main stems of 38 rivers in the United States are at least 500 miles (800 km) long. The main stem is “the primary downstream segment of a river, as contrasted to its tributaries”. The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States at 2,540 miles long. Together with the Mississippi River, it forms the fourth largest river system in the world. The Map of this River begins in Western Montana and flows to the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.

The Mississippi River is the 2nd longest river in North America. It has a total length of 2,339 miles (3,765 km) from its source to the sea. It starts flowing in the state of Minnesota and flows south to the Gulf of Mexico.

United States Rivers Water Flows Map

River Length (km) Length (miles) Drainage area (km²) Outflow Countries in the drainage basin
Missouri River 3,767 2,341 1,300,000 Mississippi River USA
Mississippi River 3,734 2,320 2,981,076 Gulf of Mexico USA
Colorado River 2,334 1,450 637,137 Gulf of California USA, Mexico
Columbia River 2,000 1,243 668,000 Pacific Ocean USA, Canada
Ohio River 1,579 981 528,100 Mississippi River USA
Arkansas River 2,364 1,469 435,123 Mississippi River USA
Snake River 1,735 1,078 278,450 Columbia River USA
Saint Lawrence River 1,197 744 1,344,200 Gulf of St. Lawrence USA, Canada
Rio Grande 3,051 1,896 471,900 Gulf of Mexico USA, Mexico
Yukon River 3,190 1,982 854,700 Berin Sea USA, Canada
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