Most Searched Jobs Keywords In Google

Marketers in the job hunting industry have a pretty huge advantage over those in other industries: nearly every single adult wants and needs a job. We all want jobs because they make us feel productive, proud, and (at least somewhat) personally fulfilled. We all need jobs because ordering a small iced coffee and a bite-sized blueberry muffin basically requires opening a new line of credit.

A keyword, when used to job search, is a word or term that is related to the type of employment you are searching for. When you search for a job by keyword, all the positions that contain the word or term you entered will be listed in the posting. Using keywords can help you weed out the jobs that don’t fit and allows you to search more effectively.

If you have a recruiting firm, to reach out to the right niche audience, you would probably want to know which keywords containing the term ‘Jobs’ do most users search for on Google.

List Of Most Popular Jobs Keywords

RankJobs KeywordsGlobal Monthly Search
2nhs jobs1,830,000
3USA jobs1,830,000
4indeed jobs1,220,000
5government job1,000,000
6snag a job1,000,000
7govt. jobs1,000,000
8jobs search673,000
9jobs near me450,000
10job bank368,000
11linked in jobs368,000
12monster jobs368,000
13top jobs368,000
14work from home jobs301,000
15civil service jobs301,000
16linkedin jobs301,000
17part time job301,000
18fashion jobs301,000
19online job301,000
20sainsburys jobs246,000
21jobs in dubai246,000
22job hiring201,000
23job indeed201,000
24United States postal service jobs201,000
25tesco jobs201,000
26craigs list jobs165,000
27amazon job165,000
28ups jobs165,000
29united nations jobs165,000
30highered jobs135,000
31jobs hiring near me135,000
32job hiring near me135,000
33reed jobs135,000
34aldis jobs135,000
35cean state job lot135,000
36banking jobs135,000
37ocean state job lots135,000
38google job135,000
39get a job110,000
40www indeed com jobs110,000
41job description110,000
42highest paying job110,000
43fedex jobs110,000
44target job110,000
45walmart job110,000
46mcdonalds jobs110,000
47railroad jobs110,000
48lisa brennan jobs110,000
49lisa jobs90,500
50job application90,500
51aps jobs90,500
52part time jobs near me90,500
53warehouse jobs90,500
54security jobs90,500
55costco jobs90,500
56post office jobs90,500
57kaiser jobs90,500
58hand job compilation90,500
59dubai jobs90,500
60the italian job90,500
61fbi jobs74,000
62good jobs74,000
63job site74,000
64job corps74,000
65directgov jobs74,000
66driving jobs74,000
67laurene powell jobs74,000
68driver jobs74,000
69highest paying jobs74,000
70freelance jobs74,000
71job search app74,000
72job interview questions74,000
73army jobs74,000
74data entry jobs74,000
75quikr jobs74,000
76engineer jobs60,500
77engineering jobs60,500
78the bank job60,500
79indeed com jobs60,500
80human resource jobs60,500
81hr jobs60,500
82construction jobs60,500
83job seeker60,500
84jobs in Canada60,500
85mechanical engineering jobs60,500
86italian job60,500
87job opportunities60,500
88flight attendant jobs60,500
89home depot jobs60,500
90airport jobs60,500
91civil engineering jobs60,500
92apple jobs60,500
93coca cola jobs60,500
94milwaukee jobs60,500
95Ohio means jobs49,500
96it jobs49,500
97summer job49,500
98art jobs49,500
99linkedin job search49,500
100jobs act49,500

Right keywords make and grow your business as well as rank your website on Google search engine but if you will choose the right keywords for your website niche, that is a big factor to choose the right keywords.

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