National Airline of China | Symbols of China

Air China Limited is the Flag Carrier and Consider As The National Airline of China. It Is Also one of the Major Airlines of China. It is headquartered in Beijing. Beijing Capital International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport are its hubs. Air China, Air China Cargo, Dalian Airlines, Air China Inner Mongolia share the same logo. Air China’s Operate Their Flight From Beijing Capital International Airport.

Callsign: AIR CHINA

Chinese Name: 中国国际航空公司



Alliance Member: Star Alliance

Symbol: a stylized red phoenix

Air China’s logo consists of an artistic Phoenix pattern, the Chinese name of the airline written in calligraphy by former national leader Mr. Deng Xiaoping, and “AIR CHINA” written in English. The phoenix logo is also an artistic transfiguration of the word “VIP”. The color is the traditional Chinese red which implies auspiciousness, completion, peace, and happiness, and expresses Air China’s sincere passion to serve society and endlessly pursue safety.

Air China has 298 airlines, including 71 international airlines, 15 regional airlines, and 212 domestic airlines. Passengers can take Air China to 31 countries and 154 cities, among which are 104 domestic cities, 50 international cities, and regions.

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