National Animal of Morocco

The Lion or the Barbaric Lion is the official national animal of Morocco. Panthera Leo Leo is the scientific name of Barbary Lion. It is also known as also called Atlas lion and North Africa lion. The Barbary lion occurred in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, and Algeria. The Barbary lion is perhaps wiped out in its natural habitation. It was seen lastly in Morocco in 1920.

The national animal of Morocco, the Barbary Lion is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List because of its small population size. The Lion is the most prestigious wild animal to the Morocco, which is the main cause to designate the Lion as the official national animal of Morocco.

National animal of Morocco Facts

The color coat of Morocco’s national animal, Barbary Lion is yellowish-brown grey, bright brown and blackish brown hairs, which turns to darker towards the lion’s rear with white underneath parts. Barbary lion also has slightly darker, more grayish fur and a perceptibly shaggier pelt. The tongue is covered with tiny, sharp, backward-facing hooks; use it to function as a comb for preparing and scraping meat from bones. They have good eyesight, specialized teeth, flexible spine, powerful leg and jaw muscles, forelimbs with retractable claws. They rely on disguise and stalking during the hunt like all cats, the Barbary Lions have very good speeding up but little endurance. It is important when hunting to get as close to the prey as possible before charging.

The national animals of Morocco, the Barbary lions were hermits, though they would occasionally live in same-sex pairs. Males and females came together only at mating period; their breeding season is contemplation to have been in January. The female Lion gives birth of two to six cubs after 3.5 months of the gestation period. Cubs weigh 1 to 2 kg. Eyes of the cubs are typically open by 15 days and can walk by 15 days and are able to run by 1 month of age. Mother Lion keep their cubs in hiding until they reach about 8 weeks of age. They are weaned between 7 and 10 months, on the other hand until they are at least 16 months old they have to depend upon the adults of the pride.

Morocco’s national animal, Barbary Lion, have been considered as the largest lion sub-species. They roar to notify off interlopers. Dissimilar to the African and Asiatic lions, the Barbary Lions vigorously chose forested, mountainous environment. They reside in northern Africa, while the population was likely less opaque in the eastern stretch due to the doughtiness of the region. For that reason the Barbary lions had disappeared from the eastern region, leaving an isolated population in the Atlas Mountains like modern Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. In spite of their mammoth size, the male Barbary Lions in fact, do hunting as they are often slower and more easily seen than their female counterparts.


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