National Anthem of Pakistan

The Qaumi TaranahIs The National Anthem Of Pakistan. It also known as Pak Sarzamin “The Sacred Land”. The National Anthem Of Pakistan was composed by Ahmad G.

Chagla in 1949, preceding the lyrics, which were written by Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952. The National Anthem of Pakistan was officially Adopted in August 1954.

The National Anthem Was Recorted In 1949 With The Voice Of Ahmad Rushdi, Kaukab Jahan, Rasheeda Begum, Najam Ara, Naseema Shaheen, Zawar Hussain, Akhtar Abbas, Ghulam Dastagir, Anwar Zaheer and Akhtar Wasi Ali.

May the holy land, stay glad;
Beautious realm, stay glad.
Thou, the sign of high resolve—
O Land of Pakistan!
Citadel of faith, stay glad.

Order of the holy land,
Power of fraternity of the populace;
The nation, country, and domain;
Ever luminous remain!
The cherished goal, stay glad.

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