National Bird of Algeria

The national bird of Algeria is Chicken. They are very common and domestic bird and seen almost everywhere around us. They are very common in our food also. Algeria’s national bird, Chicken is a very peaceful, domestic shy in nature. They are well-known for their taste and most of them live with the human. The most common bird the Chicken is considered as the national bird of Algeria.

While you’ve got the answer to the question: “What is the national bird of Algeria?” we have some interesting facts about chicken for you. Before answering those common questions, we’ll represent about some basic facts of Chicken.

Facts about Algeria’s national bird

The male Chickens have some physical different than the female. The males are strong in figure and long in size. The females are almost round figure and small in size than the male. But the average size of the male is 20-30cm and the female has an average height of 15-30cm. They are very common and lives around us. For having huge demand, many farmers raise them on the farm.

The habitat area of a chicken is very much known to us. Chicken needs sunshine and enough airspace to live. So the chicken lives on the hilly track or polar reason face some difficulties. A chicken cannot fly much. They use to run when they face any threat. They used to take insects, rice, wheat and some seeds as meal.

The chicken has an important role in our food system. In short, the mo its difficult to find a people who used to non-vegetarian and don’t love chicken to eat. They are very shy in nature and almost available all over the world. They are colorful and beautiful to see. For being so much popular and have so much contribution, Chicken has enough reason to be the National bird symbol of Algeria.


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