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Peacock is the official National Bird of India. A bird indigenous to the subcontinent, the peacock represents the unity of vivid colors and finds references in Indian culture. It is commonly known as the Indian peafowl or Mayur and one of the most beautiful, large, and majestic bird in the world. Peacock is very large and wonderful and well-known for its beautiful feathers and also popular for its beautiful dance.

In 1963, the peacock has declared the India National Bird because of its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions. The criteria for this choice were many. It is well-distributed within the country so it could truly ‘national’. It is associated with Indian myths and legends. In Indian traditions, the feather of the Peacock is related to intelligence. Also, Lord Krishna is depicted as the one decorating his diadem with Peacock’s feather. It is also recognizable by the common man.

The Peacock or Mayur can grow up to around 1.95 to 2.25 m from head to tail. They are mostly seen beside the jungle area where water is easy to found. The male species are more colorful than the female and have glistening blue breast and neck and a spectacular bronze-green tail of around 200 elongated feathers. The females have some differences in their color and body figure. They are small in size and brownish.

The Indian peafowl is also known as peacocks are native to Sri Lanka and India, but can also be found naturally in Pakistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Assam, Nagaland, Burma, Java, Ceylon, Malaya, and the Congo. The Arakan hills prevented this species from moving naturally to the east, while the mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram further prevented their travel north.

Facts About Peacock

Indian peafowl inhabits deciduous forests, scrublands, and semi-desert grasslands. They roost in trees but scrape holes in the ground under thickets to lay their eggs. They are omnivores, foraging through leaf litter on the ground for, fruit, berries, seeds, flowers, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals.

Peacocks are mainly taking grass or green leaves to eat. And they like to live in a group with 5-10 members include female and male. They cannot fly long-distance for their long feathers. And they can dance. On a cloudy day, it can be shown in a jolly mood and raise their all feathers up and start to dance. And the other point it will be a melting time when they start showing off to the females to attach them.


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