National Dress of Qatar | Symbols of Qatar

Thobe For Man And Abaya For Woman is the Official National Dress of Qatar. Thobe is a long white shirt over loose pants. They also wear a loose headdress, called a ghutra, in white or red and white cloth, held on with a black rope known as the agal. Women cover their heads with a black headdress called a Shayla, their bodies with a long black dress called an abaya. Some women also cover their faces with a black burqa; sometimes the eyes are left uncovered.

For most women in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East, the abaya is a sign of respect, dignity, modesty, and an easy and convenient way to hide the body according to Islamic teachings. It is long and covers the whole body from the neck to the wrists and then down to the feet. It is usually loose and flowing, though some of the newer designs are more form-fitting.

The abaya is a very common sight in Qatar as well as the other Middle Eastern countries and is also becoming more common in other Muslim countries where women find it a convenient and comfortable attire to wear over their everyday clothes when they go out of their homes.


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