National Drink of India | Symbols of India

Chai Is The Unofficial National Drink of India. “Chai” is the Hindi word for “tea” but it usually means the well-known sweetened spiced milk-tea of India. According to the Hindustan Times newspaper, India’s tea and coffee Manufacturers have Staged a Bitter Rivalry Over which liquid is the National Drink. Chai is the perfect drink for India’s hot weather because the hot tea triggers the body’s natural cooling reflexes and actually helps bring your body temperature down.

Indians typically serve tea in their homes several times a day. India is the world’s second-largest producer of tea and 70% of it is consumed within India. By April this year, chai will be officially declared the national drink of India. Tea is consumed in large quantities everywhere in the country. True, there are some regions where coffee is king, but tea is still quite popular.




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