National Government Seal of Bangladesh | Symbols of Bangladesh

The Government Seal of Bangladesh is the official National Government Seal of Bangladesh. The Cabinet of Bangladesh and the Government of Bangladesh used it on their official documents. One version is used on the front page of Bangladeshi passports.

The national seal looks like the same design elements as the first official flag of Bangladesh in a circular setting. The outside color of the seal is white with a ring and the caption of the official name of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with 4 red 5-pointed stars. In the center of the seal the country map on a red disc.

According to The National Archives Ordinance, 1983:

16. (1) There shall be an official seal of the National Archives of a design approved by the Government and such seal shall be judicially noticed.

(2) The seal of the National Archives shall be kept in the custody of the Director. It may be used by him or any officer authorized by him on that behalf for the purpose of National Archives.

Background of The seal

Mujibnagar Government adopted the seal as the National Emblem of Bangladesh. It was the Provisional Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Formed in early April 1971, the provisional government confirmed the declaration of independence of East Pakistan. The declaration made earlier in the same year by Bengali nationalist leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 26 March.

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