Biggest Cities in Wyoming

The US state of Wyoming is located in the country’s western region and is one of the Mountain States. With only 563,767 inhabitants, it is the country’s least populous state. However, Wyoming is the 9th most extensive US state, with an area of 251,470.1 square km. The state is subdivided into 22 counties and 99 incorporated municipalities. Although Wyoming’s municipalities cover only 0.3% of its area, 68.3% of the state’s population lives in these urban centers. A state with a big focus on ranching, farming, and mining, Wyoming also benefits from relatively high numbers of tourists, with many people visiting this state to see places like Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, as well as many other beautiful natural locations like forests and lakes.


The Biggest Cities in Wyoming


  1. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is Wyoming’s capital city and serves as the county seat of Laramie County. With a population of 59,466 in 2010, it is also the state’s most populous city. It is located in the southeast corner of Wyoming, which makes it one of the country’s least centrally located state capitals. According to the 2010 Census, Cheyenne had 25,558 households and a population density of 936.4 people per square kilometer.


  1. Casper

Casper has the second-highest population of any city in Wyoming. This city is located in Natrona County, of which it is the county seat, in the central section of WY. Casper measures up at 15.4 square miles and is home to an approximate population of 59,000, with over 81.000 people living in the full Casper metro area.


  1. Laramie

Laramie ranks third in big cities in Wyoming. This city is located in Albany County in the southern area of WY and is the county seat. Laramie is sized at over 17 square miles and is the hometown of 32,000 people, with a total closer to 38,000 when taking the full metropolitan area into account.


  1. Gillette

Gillette is the fourth largest city in Wyoming, with a population of 29,087 in 2010. The city also serves as the county seat of Campbell County. Gillette is located in an area with vast reserves of coal, oil, and methane gas, and is therefore often referred to as the “Energy Capital of the Nation.” According to the 2010 census, the city had 10,975 households.

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