Facts About Nevada

  1. A man built and planted an extremely complex bomb in a Nevada Casino, the FBI could not disarm it, and the controlled detonation blew up most of the Casino.


  1. Nevada is chock-full of hot springs: The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that many of the state’s more than 300 naturally-occurring springs can be found in the northern part of the state.


  1. Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state in the country. Its highest point sits at 13,145 feet.


  1. A total of 44 U.S. states have state lotteries. Only six states don’t have one. Nevada is one of those six. The other five include Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, Mississippi, and Alabama.


  1. Some stereotypes are right on the money. Las Vegas is indeed the wedding capital of the world: the greater metropolitan area hosts more than 100,000 weddings per year, ABC News reports.


  1. The “Sisyphus Train” is a project currently underway in Nevada meant to recover surplus grid power that can’t be stored very easily. During the day, the excess power is used to drive the train up a hill. At night, the train rolls back down, generating it all back again.


  1. You cannot be arrested for public intoxication in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada state law expressly prohibits any county, city, or town from making public drunkenness an offense or crime.


  1. Nevada gets its name from the Spanish for “snow-covered” because of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


  1. Nevada is the driest state in the United States with only around 7 inches of rainfall per year on average.


  1. The bear ended up on display in Elko after a contest to locate the largest Arctic polar bear. King was also part of a famous Hunter Thompson story that was part of a Rolling Stone Magazine cover story in 1992.


  1. In 2013, the state of Nevada was sued for engaging in “Greyhound Therapy,” a practice where troublesome mental patients are given one-way tickets to out-of-state destinations in order to free up bed space.


  1. The area now known as Nevada was claimed by both Spain and Mexico before the United States took over at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848.


  1. Nevada is home to Lake Tahoe, which is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest lake in the U.S.


  1. Tap water in the Lake Tahoe area is known for its good taste and purity. The clear tap water recently was named “Best Drinking Water in America.”
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