State Capital Of New Jersey

The state capital dome reflects sunlight late afternoon in downtown Trenton New Jersey

Trenton Is The Official State Capital Of New Jersey. Trenton holds the modest ranking of America’s 34th most highly populated state capital. The city limits of Trenton are only 7.648 miles, with a population density of 11,013 residents per square mile. Given its historical significance and the fact that important governmental meetings were already being held there, the National Capital Of New Jersey Trenton was the obvious and only real choice to become the capital of New Jersey.


History of Trenton

Trenton was named in 1917 after William Trent, a prominent landholder in the area. However, the Quakers first established themselves here as early as 1679, back when the region was simply known as the falls of Delaware. Because Quakers were being persecuted in the United Kingdom, America allowed this religious group the freedom to exercise their religion. The National Capital Of New Jersey Trenton witnessed steady growth throughout the 19th century, serving as a popular industrial hub.

During the roaring 1920s, Trenton became such a successful manufacturing hub for rubber, steel, wire ropes, cigars, ceramics, and other regular household necessities that the city was given the slogan “Trenton makes, the world takes.” Due to its booming industrial history, New Jersey State Capital Trenton has also served as the site of numerous everyday inventions such as Bayer Aspirin, oyster crackers, and magic markers. In the Battle of Trenton in late 1776, American troops successfully defeated British forces during a successful raid led by General George Washington. This victory is largely credited with turning the tide of the American revolution. As such, State Capital Of New Jersey Trenton served as a focal point in determining the course of the newly formed nation of the United States of America.


Geography Of Capital of New Jersey

Trenton has an area of 8.155 square miles where 7.648 square miles is land, and 0.507 square miles is water. There are many bridges that cross the Delaware River and link Morrisville in Pennsylvania to Trenton.


Economy Of The Capital of New Jersey

New Jersey State Capital Trenton was a manufacturing hub for products such as ceramics, rubber, cigars, and wire rope in the late 19th century going into the early 20th century. The city’s manufacturing industry declined in the 1970s along with the industrial sectors of other US cities.

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