State Dog Of New York

Working Canines Is The Official State Dog Of New York. New York Adopted working canines as their official state dog in 2015. According to New York Daily News: State Assembly Senator Matthew Titone introduced the bill, saying he was inspired by all of the dogs working at Ground Zero after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; “To me, as a dog owner, a dog lover all my life, it really made an impression on me.”

He said; “It just sends a very loud and clear signal to the world that New York state honors and pays tribute to and acknowledges the hard work of dogs who are New York State Dog working dogs.” From New York Senate: State Dog Of New York ” working dog” shall mean: (a) a guide dog, a police work dog, a war dog, a hearing dog, a service dog, a working search dog, a therapy dog, or a detection dog as those terms are defined by section one hundred eight of the agriculture and markets law or any dog that has met such definition during its life; or (b) any dog that is trained to herd and/or protect livestock or control bird and/or wildlife populations and is actually or has been used for such purposes.”

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