State Fish Of Wyoming

Cutthroat Trout Is The Official State Fish Of Wyoming. In 1987, The Cutthroat Trout was designated as the official Wyoming State Fish. The cutthroat trout, the only trout native to Wyoming, was designated the state fish, While The State Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming simply adopted the “cutthroat trout” as their state fish, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico adopted particular subspecies. 

The State Fish Of Wyoming Cutthroat name comes from the distinctive red to orange slash on the underside of its lower jaw. All cutthroat trout have a “cut,” a patch of orange or red on the throat and they differ from the rainbow trout because they have basibranchial teeth in their throat between the gill arches, they typically have longer heads and jaws than the rainbow and often times can be distinguished from the rainbow by their larger spots. The Wyoming State Fish cutthroat is known to be more vulnerable to anglers because of a general lack of wariness and can be caught on a wide variety of bait.

The cutthroat trout is a strikingly beautiful member of the Salmon family. These trout are one of the most highly prized fish species in the majority of American fly fishermen, and their meat is considered a culinary delicacy. The State Fish Of Wyoming cutthroat species has evolved via geographic isolation into many subspecies, each native to a different drainage basin. Each type of Wyoming State Fish cutthroat trout varies in terms of color, and habitat. Body-color ranges from yellowish-brown to red or pink. Black spots, red spots, blue spots, and irregular oval “parr marks” mark the cutthroat’s flanks in a variety of patterns.


Common Names: 

Native Trout, Cut, Mountain Trout, Black-spotted Trout, Red Throat.

HABITAT: Clear cold headwater lakes streams and rivers

Range: Western North America

Type: Freshwater; Some populations are born in freshwater rivers but live in the Pacific Ocean. Most cutthroats live in freshwater their entire lives. 

Water Temp:  55–62 ° F (13–17 ° C) 

Elevation: Up to heights of 10,000 ft (3,000 m) and depths of 165 ft (50m) in freshwater, 656 ft (200 m) in saltwater 

Conservation Status:  Threatened

Reproduction: Wyoming State Fish Cutthroat trout spawn in the spring, which may be as late as early July in high mountain streams.

Species: The State Fish Cutthroat trout, Salmo clarki, has 15 recognized subspecies. There are 5 subspecies of cutthroat trout in Idaho: west slope, Yellowstone, Bonneville, Bear Lake, Snake River fine-spotted.

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