State Flower Of New Mexico

Yucca Flower Is The Official State Flower Of New Mexico. New Mexico Adopted the blossom of the desert yucca plant (pronounced “yuh-ka”) as the official state flower in 1927. The yucca flower was selected as New Mexico State Flower by the schoolchildren of New Mexico and was recommended by the New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs. The legislation does not specify a particular species of yucca (yucca consists of 40-50 species of perennials, shrubs, and trees native to the hot and dry parts of North America, Central America, and the West Indies). Seeing these lovely flowers in abundance on the plains and deserts of New Mexico, early settlers called them “our Lord’s candles.”

The roots of State Flower Of New Mexico Yucca glauca (or soapweed yucca) were also found to be an excellent substitute for soap and shampoo, as was Yucca elata (commonly called “soaptree yucca”). The characteristic of Yucca Flowers feature is the presence of rosettes of evergreen, tough, sword-shaped leaves and large terminal clusters of whitish flowers. Yucca plants are grown as ornamental plants in gardens. New Mexico State Flower Yucca produces a large stalk of white or purplish blossoms. Yucca flowers are pendulous and greenish-white. State Flower Yucca flowers grow 6-7 cm long in a narrow panicle. Inflorescence in Yucca is glabrous, 50 cm high, and racemose. The Scape is 35 cm, starting from between the leaves. Common names of State Flower Yucca glauca are small Soapweed, Great Plains yucca, Soapweed yucca, beargrass, yucca, Spanish bayonet. 


Facts About Yucca Glauca

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