State Motto Of South Carolina

“Dum Spiro Spero” Is The Official State Motto Of South Carolina. The meaning of this famous motto “while I breathe, I hope.” is taken from a stateman by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC). Actually there are two National Motto Of South Carolina and those two mottos as can be seen in the picture of the seal. The another well-known motto is “Animis Opibusque Parati” which means “prepared in mind and resources.” The two mottos represent the aspirations and the practical nature of the people of South Carolina.


Both South Carolina State Motto is featured on the South Carolina state seal, which is shaped like a circle. Within the circle, there are two oval rings bearing inscriptions of the two-State Motto Of South Carolina. The first oval ring is located on the left side. it also has a banner of South Carolina with the Inscription Animis Opisbusque Parati at the bottom. The oval shape on the right-hand side bears the inscription Dum Spiro Spero at the top. This right oval was originally located at the back of the seal and has a depiction of Spes, the Roman goddess of hope.


The oval bearing the inscription of the first National Motto Of South Carolina has a depiction of a palmetto tree in the center. this represents the victory in a battle against the British during the revolutionary war at a location that is now present-day Fort Moultrie. The adoption of the palmetto tree is related to the use of palmetto logs in building the Palmetto Log Fort from which South Carolina forces defended Sullivan’s Island against the invading British Fleet. South Carolina’s state flag features the palmetto tree also.

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