State Nicknames And Slogans Of West Virginia

West Virginia State Nicknames


  1. “The Mountain State” and “Switzerland of America”

The beautiful Allegheny Mountains that go through the state are the inspiration for this West Virginia state nickname.

Like Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, and New Hampshire, the mountainous terrain has been compared to the Alps of Switzerland.


  1. “The Panhandle State”

This West Virginia nickname is a reference to Virginia’s physical shape as it appears on a map. The slender territory between Maryland and Virginia is called the Eastern Panhandle and the land strip between Ohio and Pennsylvania is designated the Northern Panhandle.



West Virginia State Slogans


  1. “West Virginia, Open for business”

This West Virginia Slogan is very publicly criticized and it was a state slogan from 2006. It was the state’s welcome sign slogan.

  1. “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia”

This is a former slogan which lasted from 1975 to 1991. Apparently, it is still going strong today. This Slogan is featured on the West Virginia Vacation, Travel, and Tourism Homepage: VisitWestVirginia.com

  1. “Almost Heaven”

In her opening line for her speech after her win in 2008, West Virginia Democratic primary, Hillary Rodham Clinton said: “You know, like the song says, ‘It’s almost heaven”.

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