State Sport Of Wyoming

Rodeo Is The Official State Sport Of Wyoming. Wyoming adopted rodeo as the official state sport in 2003. The world’s largest outdoor rodeo event is held at the annual Frontier Days celebration in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It Was held since 1897. The other States Like Florida, South Dakota, and Texas also recognize rodeo as the state sport. 

Rodeo is a competitive sport that arose out of the working practices of cattle herding in Spain, Mexico, and later Central America, South America, the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines. Wyoming State Sports Rodeo was based on the skills required of the working vaqueros and later, cowboys, in what today is the western United States, western Canada. Today, State Sport Of Wyoming Rodeo is a sporting event that involves horses and other livestock, designed to test the skill and speed of the cowboys and cowgirls. American style professional rodeos generally comprise the following events: tie-down roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding, bull riding, and barrel racing.

The events are divided into two basic categories: the rough stock events and timed events. Depending on sanctioning organization and region, other events such as breakaway roping, goat tying, and pole bending may also be a part of some rodeos. State Sport Of Wyoming Professional rodeo involves both timed and rough stock events. The timed event including roping competition which is based on tasks such as capturing a calf or cattle for medical treatment, branding, or any other purpose.

The cowboy or cowgirl is expected to throw a type of rope known as lariat over the head of the animal, horns, or hind legs, and secure it in a way dictated by its size or age. Other timed events include steer racing, goat tying, and barrel racing. The rough stock competition involves the use of two well-trained horses. These horses are ridden by “pick up people” (men or women) who have been tasked with assisting fallen riders or successful ones safely get off the bucking animal. Despite the popularity of Wyoming State Sports rodeo, the sport has attracted opposition from animal welfare groups who are of the opinion that the competition amounts to animal cruelty.

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