State Tree Of Virginia

Flowering Dogwood Is The Official State Tree Of Virginia. Virginia adopted flowering dogwood (Cornus Florida) as the official state flower in 1918, and as the official Virginia State Tree in 1956. The Flowering Dogwood tree is well distributed throughout the Commonwealth. The beauty of this tree is symbolic of the many attractive features of Virginia. The flowering dogwood trees is one of America’s most popular ornamental trees. the tree is known to most people simply as dogwood, it has other common names, including boxwood and cornel.

The Flowering Dogwood blooms in early spring and its blossom is a tiny cluster of flowers surrounded by four white leaves that look like petals. State Tree Of Virginia Flowering dogwood is a small, showy, deciduous tree. Trees typically grow 20 feet tall. Young trees tend to be upright to rounded and mature specimens growing up to 50 percent wider than tall. The crown is round to flat-topped. The lateral branches are somewhat horizontal and form a recognizable feature in the winter landscape. The opposite leaves of Virginia State Tree are simple, oval to ovate, 3 to 6 inches long and half as wide with smooth edges. Summer leaves are bright green above and lighter on the underside. Fall color can be a spectacular scarlet to purplish. 


Botanical Information

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