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Kaddu, Also called Indian Pumpkin is The Most Popular And Consider As a National Vegetable of India. It grows all over India and does not require great soil conditions, grows easily as a creeper /climber. People called it “poor man’s vegetable” as it grows easily and gives big fruits /vegetables. The most famous Curried dish is called ‘Meetha Kaddu’ sweet Pumpkin dry Curry. It is really not a sweet dish. It is Savory Curry with a Hint of Sugar.



A pumpkin is a cultivar of winter squash that is round with smooth, slightly ribbed skin. It is most often deep yellow to orange in coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. In 2018, world production of pumpkins (including squash and gourds) was 27.6 million tonnes, with China and India accounting for half of the total.

Indian national vegetable Pumpkin is good for health and the heart. The fiber, potassium, and vitamin C content in pumpkin. According to Some research, consuming enough potassium may be almost as important as decreasing sodium intake for the treatment of hypertension, or high blood pressure. In a 100-gram amount, pumpkin provides 26 kilocalories of food energy. Pumpkin is 92% water, 6.5% carbohydrate, 0.1% fat, and 1% protein.

Pumpkin Vitamins And Minerals

The origin of Pumpkins is very old like 7,500 to 5,000 BC. It is the oldest plant on earth and Originated in North America. It is grown for commercial purposes and also for food and recreation. The general weight of Pumpkins is between 3 and 8 kilograms (6 and 18 lb). The purpose of growing Pumpkins all around the world is for a variety of reasons ranging from agricultural purposes. The pumpkin’s colors derive from orange carotenoid pigments.

✅What is the National Vegetable of India?

The national vegetable in India is the pumpkin. It’s also known as ‘kaddu’. But The highest pumpkin producer in China and which is around 29% of the world. And India In reached the second rank and that is around 20% of the world.

✅Most Popular Vegetable in India?

Potatoes are the most consumed vegetable in India, with a share of 20% of total vegetable spending.


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