Alabama Road Map | High Resolution Road Map of Alabama

  • Nickname: The Heart of Dixie
  • Statehood: 1819; 22nd state
  • Population (as of July 2015): 4,858,979
  • Capital: Montgomery
  • Biggest City: Birmingham
  • Abbreviation: AL
  • State bird: yellowhammer
  • State flower: camellia

Major Interstate Routes

Interstate 65 (I-65) travels north-south roughly through the middle of the state. I-10, I-20, I-59, and I-65 are the major interstate highways in Alabama. Several U.S. Highways also pass through the state, such as U.S. Route 11 (US-11), US-29, US-31, US-43, US-45, US-72, US-78, US-80, US-82, US-84, US-90, US-98, US-231, US-278, US-280, US-331, US-411, and US-431.

Interstate 65 Highway of Alabama Travel North-South Through Middle of The State. Interstate-20 Alabama Road Travel from the central west Mississippi state line to Birmingham. Interstate-59 Travel From North to East corner of the state.

Interstate-85 Road Started From Montgomery and travels East-Northeast to the Georgia state line. Interstate-10 Travels the southernmost portion of the state, traveling from west to east through Mobile. Interstate-22 Alabama highway map enters the state from Mississippi and connects Birmingham with Memphis, Tennessee.

There are four Large Roads in the State:

Montgomery Expressway in Montgomery

Northport/Tuscaloosa Western Bypass in Tuscaloosa and Northport

Emerald Mountain Expressway in Wetumpka

Beach Express in Orange Beach

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