River Map of Alaska | Large Printable and Standard Map

River Map of Alaska has more than 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes. Alaska’s major river is the Yukon. its source is in British Columbia, Canada, and empties into the Bering Sea. The river flows for 3,017 km (1,875 mi) within Alaska. It has a total length of 3,698 km (2,298 mi). Alaska’s major rivers, such as the Gulkana, Copper, and Yukon Rivers, are clearly indicated on the Alaska River Map.

Alaska’s other big rivers are the Colville River, The Noatak, The Kobuk River, The Kuskokwim, The Copper River Etc. The rivers of Alaska play an important role in the state’s irrigation system. The Gulkana River offers tourists a broad scope of activities and The Yukon River gives visitors an opportunity to explore Canada’s spruce forests. The copper River provides excellent rafting possibilities and The Saganavirktok River offers fishing options. The Kuskokwim River is another prominent natural stream, spanning over 680 miles.

Large River Map

List of Major Rivers in Alaska

S.no. River Name Area / Length Source Mouth
1 Noatak River 425 mi (684 km) Schwatka Mountains, Brooks Range Hotham Inlet, Kotzebue Sound, Chukchi Sea
2 Kobuk River 280 km (174 mi) Walker Lake Kobuk Delta
3 Koyukuk River 425 mi (684 km) Confluence of North and Middle forks Yukon River
4 Yukon River 3,190 km (1,982 mi) Llewellyn Glacier at Atlin Lake Bering Sea
5 Tanana River 584 mi (940 km) Confluence of the Nabesna and Chisana rivers Yukon River
6 Kuskokwim River 702 mi (1,130 km) Confluence of the river’s east and north forks Kuskokwim Bay
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