Alaska Transportation And Physical Map Large Printable

Alaska is alphabetically the 2nd state of the United States. Alaska Transportation And Physical Map show that  Alaska is standing in southern The United States. Alaska Physical Map surrounded by the seas of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, namely the Beaufort Sea on the north, the Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait, the Bering Sea on the west, and the large water body of the Pacific on the south. Its only land border can be found on the east side with Canada.

  • Nickname: The Last Frontier
  • Statehood: 1959; 49th state
  • Population (as of July 2015): 738,432
  • Capital: Juneau
  • Biggest City: Anchorage
  • Abbreviation: AK
  • State bird: willow ptarmigan
  • State flower: forget-me-not


The first people probably came to what is now Alaska about 13,000 years ago. They either walked from what is now Russia, which was connected to Alaska by a patch of land up to 600 miles wide called the Bering Land Bridge, or they sailed.

The highest peak of the whole North American continent is located within Alaska, called Denali, formerly Mount McKinley. It has a height of 6194 meters, which also makes it the third most prominent peak on the globe. The two arcs of parallel mountain changes are the Alaska range, which is south of the two.

The Brooks range lies to the north and has summits of lower elevation. Mount Chamberlin is the highest of the Brooks Range, being 2749 meters. The most dominant river of Alaska is the Yukon, coming from Canada, emptying into the Pacific just below the Seward Peninsula. Its main tributaries are the Koyukuk, Porcupine, Tanana rivers. Alaska Transportation Map is Very Good And Well Connected.

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