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The island of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain with climatic contrasts across its 6 main regions: the Hamakua Coast, Hilo, Puna, Kau, Kona, and Kohala. The island is 4,028 sq. miles, which is so big that the other Hawaiian Islands could fit on it nearly twice. Yet the island of Hawaii is the youngest in the Hawaiian chain, a mere 800,000 years old.

Hawaii’s tallest mountain is Mauna Kea, a sleeping volcano that rises 4,205 m (13,796 ft) from sea level, but measured from its base on the ocean floor to its peak, its height is 10,203 m (33,476 ft), making it the highest mountain on Earth.

Hawaii Big Island

Often referred to as the “Big Island,” Hawaii is not just the largest island in the archipelago, but it’s also the largest island in the entire United States. Despite its massive size, it’s still only home to 13% of Hawaii’s population.


Maui may be Hawaii’s second-largest island, but it’s the single largest island in Maui County, which is also comprised of Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe. Its rough, jagged coastline is starkly contrasted against the tropical beaches and swaying palm trees, making it one of the top destinations in Hawaii for tourists.


Oahu is known for its diverse culinary, entertainment, and art traditions. This island is home to the state capital of Hawaii, the city of Honolulu.


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