New Mexico Rivers Map | Large Printable High Resolution and Standard Map

New Mexico covers an area of 314,917 km² (121,590 sq mi), making it the 5th largest US state. The state shares borders with Arizona in the west, Colorado in the north, Oklahoma to the northeast, Texas to the east, Utah to the northwest. Santa Fe is the state capital of New Mexico.

The major river in the New Mexico Rivers Map is the Rio Grande (Great River) which is New Mexico’s longest river. The Pecos River has its source near Santa Fe and flows over 1490 km through the eastern part of New Mexico. Major lakes are the Elephant Butte Reservoir, Conchas Lake, and the Navajo Reservoir.

Rivers and Streams

Pecos River
Rio Grande
San Juan River
Rio Chama
Rio Puerco
Gila River
Rio Hondo
Chaco River
Animas River
Vermejo River
Mora River
Cimarron River
Carrizo Creek
Ute Creek
Gallinas River
Penasco Rio
San Francisco River
Rio Salado River
Rio San Jose River
Zuni River
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