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Pennsylvania is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic region in the northeast of the United States. The state shares border with Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, and the Canadian province of Ontario. The capital city of the state is Harrisburg while Philadelphia is the largest city of the state.

Pennsylvania Map Facts

Pennsylvania Map With Capital

Largest cities in Pennsylvania with a population: Philadelphia (1,568,000), Pittsburgh (303,000), Allentown (120,500), Erie (98,500), Reading (88,000), Scranton (77,300), Bethlehem (75,300), Lancaster (59,300), Harrisburg (49,000).

The Pennsylvania Outline Map shows the US state of Pennsylvania with boundaries. The location of the state capital Harrisburg, major cities and populated places, rivers, and lakes, interstate highways, principal highways, and railroads.

✅What is Pennsylvania Mostly Known For?

Pennsylvania has been one of the nation’s most important industrial centers for coal, steel, and railroads, especially before War World II.

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