South Dakota Blank Outline Map | Large Printable High Resolution and Standard Map

South Dakota is the 16th largest state in the United States with an area of 75,885 square miles (196,542 square kilometers). The state is partitioned into 66 counties.

The South Dakota Blank Outline Map features Road maps, topographical maps, and relief maps of South Dakota.

The detailed, scrollable road map displays South Dakota counties, cities, and towns as well as Interstate, U.S., and South Dakota state highways.

The Outline Map of South Dakota displays cities, roads, rivers, and lakes as well as terrain features. The detailed Map of South Dakota shows only the State of South Dakota, while the regional map shows South Dakota and the surrounding region.

South Dakota’s capital city is Pierre. Other major cities in South Dakota include Sioux Falls and Rapid City. In 2005, the population of South Dakota was estimated at 774,883, which is about 10.2 people per square mile.

In 2010, South Dakota’s population rose to 814,180 people. The state’s Interstate Highways include I-29 and I-90.

This is the Large Printable High-Resolution and Standard Map of South Dakota And It Can Be Used For Many Things.

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