South Dakota Transportation and physical map large printable

The state of South Dakota is located in the north-central regions of the United States, bordered by North Dakota on the north, Nebraska on the south, Montana and Wyoming on the west, Minnesota, and Iowa on the east.
Like the other states of these central regions of the country, South Dakota also rises from the east towards west. The Drift Prairie, Dissected Till Plains lie in the lowest-lying eastern section, the landscape gradually raises if we move towards the west. The Missouri Plateau, with the Missouri River flowing through it occupies the central parts. The highest parts of the state are to be found in the western parts, in the Black Hills, with Harney peak reaching 2207 meters. Lake Oahe is a reservoir built on the Missouri river, which is the fourth largest one of those in the whole country. The other rivers Cheyenne, Grand, James, and Big Sioux all empty their water into the Missouri River.

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