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Texas is one of the 50 US states in the South Central Region of the United States. It is the 2nd largest US state by both area and population. Texas Blank Outline Map covers an area of 268,581 square miles with a population of 28.9 million (2019 est.). Austin is the state capital of Texas. The state shares borders with the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas.

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Texas Map With Capital

The longest rivers in Texas are the Rio Grande, Red River of the South, Brazos River, Pecos River, Colorado River, Canadian River, Trinity River, Sabine River, Neches River, Nueces River, etc. The major lakes in the state are Toledo Bend Reservoir, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Lake Livingston, Lake Texoma, Richland-Chambers Reservoir, and many more. Located in Culberson county as a part of the Guadalupe Mountains in Guadalupe Peak – the state’s highest point, that rises to an elevation of 8,749ft (2,667m).

Texas has a wide geographic diversity, including forests, deserts, mountains, plateaus, plains, swamps, marshes, and rivers. There are seven main landforms in the state: Big Bend Country, Gulf Coast, Hill Country, Panhandle Plains, Piney Woods, Prairies and Lakes, and South Texas Plains.

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