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Texas is one of the 50 US states in the South Central Region of the United States. It is the 2nd largest US state with an area of 268,581 square miles. The state shares borders with the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas. There are 15 important rivers on Texas Rivers Map and 3,700 distinguished torrents. Rio Grande, Red River, Sabine, Brazos River, Colorado, and Pecos River are the major rivers in Texas.

Major Rivers of Texas

  1. Rio Grande: The Rio Grande is the longest river in Texas, flowing for approximately 1,900 miles from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico. It serves as a natural boundary between Texas and Mexico for over 1,200 miles and is a vital source of water for agriculture, irrigation, and drinking water for millions of people.
  2. Red River: The Red River is the second-longest river in Texas, flowing for approximately 1,360 miles from the Capulin Volcano in New Mexico to the Mississippi River in Louisiana. It is a significant source of water for irrigation and a popular destination for fishing, boating, and recreation.
  3. Brazos River: The Brazos River is the third-longest river in Texas, flowing for approximately 1,280 miles from the Davis Mountains in West Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. It is a major source of water for agriculture, irrigation, and drinking water, and it supports a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals.

✅Rivers In Texas Map

There are 3,700 named streams and 15 major rivers on the river map of Texas. Some of the major rivers in Texas are the Rio Grande, Pecos River, Nueces River, San Antonio River, and Guadalupe River. Map of rivers in Texas.

✅What’s The Widest River in Texas?

The largest, the Rio Grande, contrasts markedly with the smallest, the San Jacinto River, in both size and length. The Red, Colorado, and Brazos Rivers have similar areas, but the Brazos River is 25 percent longer than the other two.

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