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Washington is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is the 18th largest state with covering an area of 71,362 square miles. It shares borders with Idaho, Oregon, and Canada. The highest peak of the state is Mount Olympus at 2,432 m (7,980 ft). The Columbia River is the largest river in the Washington Rivers Map. It originates from the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, and then flows for 1,243 miles through the states of Washington and Oregon.

The 10 Longest Rivers in Washington

Rank River Length
1 Columbia River 2,000 km
2 Snake River 1,735 km
3 Yakima River 344 km
4 Grande Ronde River 293 km
5 Kettle River 282 km
6 Palouse River 269 km
7 Crab Creek 262 km
8 Skagit River 240 km
9 Pend Oreille River 210 km
10 Similkameen River 196 km

The Snake River is the second-longest river in Washington. It covers a distance of 1,078 miles. It is the largest tributary of the Columbia River. The Yakima River is another major river in Washington. It is a major tributary of the Columbia River and then flows for 214 miles.

The Grande Ronde River is a major tributary of the Snake River. It covers a distance of 182 miles in northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington. The Grande Ronde River discharges into the Snake River at a rate of 3,034 cu ft/s. Other major rivers are the Columbia River, the Kettle River, the Spokane River, the Okanagan River, the Crab Creek, and the Yakima River.

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