Time Zone Map of United States | Large Printable Colorful with State Code

A Time Zone Map is ideally one of 24 spherical lunes (section on the globe in a north/south direction) with equal-width, each assigned with one of the 24 hours (one day). Time zones do not always follow state lines, though most states are situated fully in one Time Zone or another. States near the edge of one of the Time Zones are sometimes divided into two Time Zones.

States that are split between two Time Zones include Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho. Small portions of other states are also separated from the rest of their state in terms of Time Zones as depicted on the USA Time Zones Map.

There is a 9 Time Zone Map of the USA and its dependencies. however, adding the time zones of 2 uninhabited US territories gives 11 time zones in total:

1. The Atlantic standard time zone
2. The Eastern standard time zone
3. The Central standard time zone
4. The Mountain standard time zone
5. The Pacific standard time zone
6. The Alaska standard time zone
7. The Hawaii–Aleutian standard time zone
8. The Samoa standard time zone
9. The Chamorro standard time zone

Most states observe daylight saving time during the summer months. During DST, the clocks forward one hour, enabling the population to make better use of daylight. Daylight saving time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday of November.

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